Lampkontroll v0.2 Released

LampKontroll is a small webapp styled for touch devices, that spawns the commandline utility of the Telldus-stick – an USB device to interface with remotecontrolled outlets using RF signals.

Telldus stick –

Previeous posts (including demo video)

I felt this was to small of an app, and truthfully too sloppy work to release.
But I have used it so much so I feel I need to let go of that.

So, 4 years later, here it is! >>> Download here

Update: Now on github –

Some Bat Bone Tricopter Videos

All videos are shot by me using GoPro on my Tricopter, using tripod, in hand or headmounted. They are test-videos and meant as a baseline for further improving my Rigs and techniques. So beware of rollercoasting, weird paths, spinning and overall shakiness. Most shots of the tricopter are full flights, hence no fancy cuts.

First GoPro mounted flight (with blood splatter on the lens… doh!)

First OK video:

Latest flight:
20140426-Airtime #4 @Grimsta:

Servo Gimbal!

Mounted the servo gimbal today 🙂
I have no idea what I’m doing so do not repeat this setup. At least until I have tested it and have some footage to show. I built this mostly because it was not so expensive relative the brushless alternatives but also so that I would get some training on both building and inevitably crashing a gimbal. If possible I’m thinking I should try to make it work using a budget camera first. Like my 808#16 or maybe a Mobius or some other gear in that pricerange. Tips are welcome!
20140210-233842.jpg Yes my thoughts where first to have it hanging under the tricopter but I wanted to try mounting it on top. It’s no biggie to change it later on if needed.

So here’s a video showing where I’m at. I have a long way before I can FPV on this…

Oh and on a sidenote, I ditched the (more) flimsy and sketchy looking front landing gears and made two more of the back model. They are not as forgiving but looks much better.

It’s alive!

Today I made alot of progress and actually got to test my Tricopter out for the first time (video below).

Yesterday I finished attaching the servoarm to the tilt mechanism.


This is what I have done today:

– Finished attaching the tilting motor mount and servo.




– Mounted the KK2.0 foam box inside the Bat Bone and put the KK2.0 safely inside that.




– Built landing gears out of cheap plastic IKEA hangers and mounted them


– Attached the ESC:s to the arms using zip-ties

– Analyzed where the CG should be using some strings


– Attached the reciever and it’s antennas

– Connected the power distribution cables (this needs to be re-done, because it’s quite uggly)

And here is the test flight!

My first motor running!

It’s all coming together! I had a little trouble there for a moment. Before flashing SimonK bs I couldn’t get my ESCs to fire up. I was probably doing something wrong but hey, I was going to flash the ESCs anyway. I use the KKflashtool on Linux with my 9X usbasp and the “HK atmel chip piggyback adapter tool”. Also showing in the beginning is my “FrankenCable” or HXT to JST adapter, connected to a “USBpower to header-pins “-cable fed with a 5V/1A poweradapter.

Tomorrow I hope to get some more stuff crossed off! Especially the servo for the motortilt… TBC…


Well things are coming together nicely. I finished attaching the last bulletconnectors (18!! solderings) needed for flight capable electrical system this Sunday. I still have a loooong list of things to be done but figured it was time to lay out all the parts to get a feel for how it will look and also a first notion as to how I will be able to route the cables. It looks as I will not need the extension cables for the ESCs after all, length of ESCs cables with connectors should suffice. Next up will probably be attaching the servo for the tilt. After that testing the ESCs and motors, reading up on SimonK programming ESCs then do that and also prepare by researching on setting up the KK2.0. and … tbc… 😉

Still alive!

So as you probably figured out by now if you have been following my progress on this project – I work on it when I feel like it with a goal to be finished around spring at the latest. That said I still work on it at least a couple of hours a week so even when I haven’t posted for a while (as now) rest assured, I’m still going for it.

I have finally finished the motormount-adapters…
…and have most recently begun the process of soldering bulletconnectors to the ESCs and motors. 6 down 18 to go…


I have bought a tilting mount for my new GoPro Hero+ Black.

And yesterday I got my Taranis radio with Frsky telemetry sensors.

I’m now also a happy owner of a Blade QX Nano quadcopter.

Expect some updates on all of them later on… or at least some photos and videos ;-).

Painted ’em black

Quick update! I had some hobby paint at home and since I already did file down the wood earlier after the sawing and I had the time – I went for it. Possibly the easiest step so far, painting the arms. I like to work with wood as a material. Much more pleasant than aluminum. Hey look another use of my Dremel workstation! Yey! 20131126-210857.jpg


After visiting about 4 hardware stores in search of what I thought was a relatively common dimension I finally found them at a local hobbyshop I didn’t even know existed: ReservdelsRC. Went there yesterday and when entering the shop and looking around I saw their “Great Wall Of Screws And RC Accessories”, wow! Jackpot! I could even choose between two different materials and designs. Also, my calculations on screwlength will work. I got 20pcs M3x6mm and also just in case 20pcs of M3x8mm. Later I might also buy som extra M3x20mm’s for the Bat Bone.

And yes I will probably do 1000 posts before this Tricopter flies 😛